We work with nonprofit teams to map out the                  their clients take through the program. We help them move from one step of that journey to another, carefully identifying what works best for the program based on their clients' situation, needs and goals. We then review the processes and use all of that insight to develop end-to-end processes that program teams can smoothly implement with consistency.

We work with nonprofit teams to map out the               their clients take through the program. We help them move from one step of that journey to another, carefully identifying what works best for the program based on their clients' situation, needs and goals. We then review the processes and use all of that insight to develop end-to-end processes that program teams can smoothly implement with consistency.


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Here is what we can do to help you and your team improve the experience your clients have with your program.                                                                           .                                                               

The client experience, also known as the client journey, gives you a road map for how best to serve your clients. 

The Path

The processes and systems are the set of activities that are performed in order to achieve the program goals.

The Systems

The outcomes are the measurable result that help demonstrate whether the program has been successful in achieving the intended purpose.

The Results

The Path

All services start with this package.

Creating a client journey map requires gathering data about current and future clients, understanding the process, identifying touchpoints, and determining the most appropriate way to communicate with your clients. With this information, you can develop personas, define goals, identify problems, determine solutions, and design experiences.

A client journey map is a visual representation of how customers interact with you, your team, and each other during a typical program client lifecycle. An effective journey map helps teams understand what happens throughout the entire client journey, including where prospective clients are now, where they want to go next, and why they are there. A well-developed journey map allows you to better understand your clients, improve communication and servicing efforts, and deliver a consistent customer experience across channels.

We work with you, your team, and clients to develop a client journey map that is specific to your nonprofit program. 

The System

We provide a process evaluation that is built on interviews with and insights from clients and stakeholders across the organization to build a deep understanding of how the client experience could be improved. This includes understanding what the client experiences are like today and identifying where there might be gaps in the customer journey. From there, we will provide you and your team with recommendations of areas where improvements could be made. This for example, could include improving the onboarding process, enhancing the service features, increasing visibility into the status of program projects, improving the flow of communication, and providing better support.

Our customized implementation services are based on the program enhancement opportunities identified during the process evaluation. Each organization—your organization—is unique and a function of the stage within the operations and program lifecycle, the mix and efforts of the team and key stakeholders, and the resources and processes used to carry out the mission. As such, the identified opportunities for improvement are tailored to the organization and, consequently, so are the add-on services needed to build out and implement those opportunities.

We also provide add-on implementation services.

The Results

Nonprofits are expected to deliver impactful results while operating within tight budgets. As a result, many organizations struggle to measure success. This challenge is compounded by the fact that most nonprofits either don’t have access to data about how clients interact with their programs, do not access the data they have in a timely manner, or know what it takes to make sure those interactions lead to positive outcomes.

The resulting OKRs provide a way to track program outcomes based upon the client experience path, helping nonprofit leaders and team members to continuously identify areas of improvement and determine whether their efforts are having an impact. In addition, the OKRs allow teams to see how well their work aligns with the organization’s mission, values, and strategic plan. In short, it ensures that every team member understands what they’re working towards and why it matters.

To address this gap, we use the insights from the client journey and process evaluation to develop objectives and key results (OKR) templates that help teams set goals for measuring progress toward each step in the client experience path.

Service Package


The Path

The Path + The Systems

The Path + The Results

The Path + The Systems + The Results

Getting mentoring and youth development organizations to stop and take the time to think through the "how and why" they operate their programs is no easy feat. Trina helped to demystify and simplify the process by walking participants through a tool that helped them strategically look at their systems and see where changes could be implemented. Trina provided real-world examples and scenarios, along with feedback to participants to help them formulate their plans. It was a great workshop! 

We are a startup nonprofit in our second year of programming, growing in all directions. Our informal processes weren’t meeting the level of organization we needed to continue providing a high level of personal care to the growing number of clients we serve. Working with Lavender Eucalyptus, LLC has been like having a safety net helping us on all fronts. Their strategic support has consistently exceeded our expectations; we hoped for some advice on an IT platform, and Trina created a platform. We were looking for feedback on our marketing materials and she improved our materials. Now we’re not just staying on top of today’s work, we have the foundation to manage the future complexity of continued growth.

Trina is visionary in her thinking as well as efficient and organized in her implementation. I appreciated her clear expectations. In addition, I admired Trina’s loyalty to her clients. This was apparent by her going the extra mile with her services and advice to ensure the health of their operations. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and truly believe that others would too.

You want Trina on your team, or even better, leading your team: she excels in both roles. Trina's unflappable professionalism makes her a joy to work with, while her expert understanding of small business challenges means her clients achieve success. Trina is the adviser I'd hire if I were ever launching or growing my own business. Trina's clients' success is a testament to the quality of the personalized advising she provides. 

Trina has always been a systems thinker. One of the things we at BSC have marveled about Trina's work is her masterful ability to use technology as a tool to enhance not just her but the team's performance, again and again. She researches, experiments, and then recommends cutting-edge tools not just for her team but her clients and her network to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. I believe this is another testament to her systems thinking which reflects that if one of us finds a better way to do things and shares it, we all do better together. 

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Chicago Mentoring Collaborative & Principal, Engagement Group, LLC

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Business Services Collective, NFP Chief Operations Officer

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